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MDC Power
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N3 Engine Overhaul Services
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Gonvauto Thüringen
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IHI Charging Systems International
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Fujitsu Technology Solutions



CATL starts construction of its first overseas factory in Germany

Thuringia, Germany – A groundbreaking ceremony for the first overseas factory of the world's leading lithium-ion battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) took place on October 18 in Thuringia, a state in east-central Germany, marking the start of construction of the first...

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Nobel Prize for Jena-born researcher

This news received on October 9, 2019 was celebrated not only by the prizewinners, but also by the researchers at the CEEC Jena: John B. Goodenough was one of three scientists to receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2019, and was honored for his work on the development of lithium ion batteries.

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Amazon builds distribution center in Erfurt

A distribution center for online wholesaler Amazon is currently being built at the "International Logistics Center" (ILZ) in Erfurt. Amazon has commissioned Munich-based real estate company GIEAG AG to develop the 23,000 m² site and will then lease the property.

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First images from Mars will be seen through Jenoptik lenses

When NASA launches the Mars 2020 mission the first images back to Earth in February of 2021 will be seen through lenses designed and engineered by Jenoptik.

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Battery manufacturer CATL increases investment sevenfold in Thuringia

The Chinese battery manufacturer CATL is increasingly focusing on its location in Thuringia and is significantly expanding its plans to build a battery factory in Arnstadt near Erfurt. The Group has now announced that it intends to invest € 1.8 billion instead of the previously planned € 240...

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