Our Team

Our contact persons support you in all phases of the location decision and the implementation of your investment project.

Herbert Stütz

Herbert Stütz Head of Department

Investment, International Business and Cluster Promotion

Holger Heyer

Holger Heyer Director Investment Promotion

Invest in Thuringia

Ulf Schmidt

Ulf Schmidt Director Financial Service / Site & Data Analytics / Tourism

Invest in Thuringia

Sebastian Scheit

Sebastian Scheit Director Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Optics

Invest in Thuringia

Axel Wipprecht

Axel Wipprecht Director Life Sciences/Food Industry/Environmental Technologies

Invest in Thuringia

Corina Fischer

Corina Fischer Director Digital and Service Industry and Logistics

Invest in Thuringia

Manuel Fries

Manuel Fries Director China / Plastics

Invest in Thuringia

Jörg Griethe

Jörg Griethe Director Mobility

Invest in Thuringia

Susann Martens

Susann Martens Director Investment Promotion Western Europe

Invest in Thuringia

Damir Agic

Damir Agic Director Investment Promotion North America

Invest in Thuringia

Kathrin Pabst

Kathrin Pabst Director Tourism

Invest in Thuringia

Maiko Klosch

Maiko Klosch Director Financial Service

Invest in Thuringia

Ralph Leder

Ralph Leder Director Financial Service

Invest in Thuringia

Christoph Dolata

Christoph Dolata Policy issues, strategy and analyses

Invest in Thuringia

Anna Elisabeth Rinke

Anna Elisabeth Rinke Director Location Issues and Municipal Contacts

Invest in Thuringia

Christine Maas

Christine Maas Project Assistant

Invest in Thuringia


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State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen)

Dept. Investment, International Business and Cluster Promotion

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