Sachverständigengesellschaft Dr. Portz mbH
Niederlassung Thüringen

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    Rathausstraße 1
    D-98544 Zella-Mehlis
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- Publicly appointed and sworn experts for preventive fire protection, fire fighting, and explosion protection as well as for fire and explosion causes - Testing engineer for fire protection Areas of competence: -fire protection in the building permit procedure -building support during the implementation of fire protection measures -examination of fire protection certificates (testing engineer for fire protection) -fire prevention inspections -insurance fire protection -management consulting in the fields of fire protection -fire fighting -explosion protection -fire and explosion cause investigations -cad services (preparation of fire brigade plans, escape and rescue plans) -preparation of fire protection regulations -research and teaching

R&D focus:

- Fire and explosion root causes

Further information:

- Company´s seat: Benzstr. 45, 70736 Fellbach.


fire protection expert for fire and explosion protection according to BImSchG - fire protection expert - fire protection test engineer - authorised inspector for preventive fire protection - specialist fire protection planner

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State Development Corporation of Thuringia
(LEG Thüringen)

Dept. Investment, International Business and Cluster Promotion

Mainzerhofstraße 12
99084 Erfurt
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