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Agro-Forst-Technik & Landschaftsbau GmbH


Services: - Felling, bush stubbing, stubbing; highly mechanised wood harvesting (harvesters, forwarders, rope drags, residual wood bundlers); slope forwarding by means of rope excavator and harvester head; slope and ground way construction with surface area development; engine-manual foliage and felling of high-grade wood; felling of problematic trees; highly mechanised wood harvesting by using 4-wheel harvesters; bark beetle control by means of chemical high-pressure spraying gun; trade in wood and energy wood, production, trade in firewood; bundling of residual wood as of surface area sizes of 5ha; landscaping, meadow mowing; lawn and garden maintenance; sod sewing; maintenance and clearance of routes; mowing and mulching work; clearance of surface areas, clearance of construction fields; stubbing of rootstock; clearing cuts for traffic safety, incl. signage; reforestation, landscaping , road construction; residual wood materials, bark mulch, woodchips, sale of pellets, briquettes made from forest wood; trade in forestry-technological accessories


- bark mulch/thyme briquettes,

R&D focus:

- Highly mechanised wood harvesting (harvesters, forwarders, rope drags, residual wood bundlers)


KQUS acc. to the PEFC Guidelines

Further information:

- References: LEG Thüringen mbH, Schott Jena Glas, Thüringer Forstämter Bad Berka, Leinefelde, Marksuhl, Heiligenstadt.

Location information

  • Location:
    Untere Töpferstraße 13
    D-99438 Tonndorf
  • District:
    Weimarer Land
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