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asphericon GmbH
  • Phone:
    +49 (0)3641/3100 500
  • Fax:
    +49 (0)3641/3100 501
  • email:
  • Internet:
  • Legal representative:
    Herr Dipl.-Inf. Sven R. Kiontke (Geschäftsführer), Herr Dipl.-Volksw. Alexander W. Zschäbitz (Geschäftsführer)
  • Contact:
    Herr Dipl.-Inf. Sven R. Kiontke (Geschäftsführer)
  • Employees:


- Optical manufacturing, optical design, optical coating, measurement, assembly of optical assemblies, optical characterization.


- asphericon StockOptics: aspheres, axicons, aspheric cylinders - asphericon MountedOptics: mounted aspheres, axicons and aspheric cylinders - asphericon Custom: customized optical components, free-form optics - asphericon BeamTuning: laser beam expanders, fiber collimators, laser beamformers - asphericon Metrology: Fizeau interferometer lenses


- Technology and development partnerships in the photonics environment

R&D focus:

- Manufacturing technology, free-form optics, optical design, optical coating


DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 10110-19

Further information:

- Foundation of the enterprise: May 2001. According to its own information, the enterprise is technologically leading in the field of the CNC fabrication of highly demanding aspheric components (aspheres, parabolic reflectors, and axicons); it supplies more than 600 enterprises worldwide and supports its customers from the first optical design through manufacture and coating, the point-precise measurement and documentation up to the mounting of optical assemblies as well as their optical characterisation.

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Location information

  • Location:
    Stockholmer Str. 9
    D-07747 Jena
  • District:
    Stadt Jena
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