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Bauerfeind AG
  • Phone:
    +49 (0)36628/66 10 00
  • Fax:
    +49 (0)36628/66 19 99
  • email:
  • Internet:
  • Legal representative:
    Herr Dipl.-Betriebsw. Rainer Berthan (Vorstandsvorsitzender), Herr Dr. Andreas Lauth (Vorstand/Chief Technical Officer)
  • Contact:
    Herr Dipl.-Betriebsw. Rainer Berthan (Vorstandsvorsitzender)
  • Employees:


- fabrication of medical aids such as surgical hoses, bandages, orthoses, orthopaedic inserts, and prosthetic fit components; research/development (Bauerfeind Innovation Centre)


- active bandages ("Train"); sports shoe insoles ("TRIactive"); surgical hoses ("VenoTrain")

R&D focus:

- R&D on medical aids


DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, DIN EN ISO 13485:2003

Further information:

- Bauerfeind AG employs around 2,100 people worldwide. - A further location in Thuringia has been in Gera (Industrialpark Keplerstraße) since June 2019.

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Location information

  • Location:
    Triebeser Straße 16
    D-07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes
  • District:
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