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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) innovative and powerful

Industry profile ICT

The sector of information and communications technology in Thuringia is innovative and productive. It is being shaped by start-ups and spin-offs of small, innovative companies as well as by internationally active companies listed on stock exchanges, which have developed stably in the Free State for years. Today, Thuringian companies are indispensable on the ICT landscape.


The ICT industry is per se an intersectional industry with synergies in all other industries. This means it is of exceptional significance for Thuringia’s economy and a growth driver. In this era of digitalization and industry 4.0 it has a key role in the transformation of the economy overall.

Facts and Figures

  • more than 1,600 companies
  • more than 46,000 employees, 8,000 of them at ICT service providers
  • 15 R&D institutions as well as 2 applications centers and 7 business incubators
  • 9 universities and universities of applied sciences
  • extraordinary pool of specialists with technical and scientific training

Key Products and Technologies

Hardware and systems Software ICT-Services Instrumentation and control systems, sensor technology
Manufacture of communications systems eCommerce User Helpline Services Sensors for physical variables and gases
Media technology Web technologies Telecommunication Image and signal processing, power electronics
Production and assembly of computers Business software Business process outsourcing Microoptics, microsensors, microelectronics, laser technology
Telematic components and systems Security software Service for energy suppliers, financial and tourism firms Microsystem technology, nanotechnologies


University education

Thuringia gives young people a head start in ICT education. Degree programs with focus on information and communications technologies are offered at eight universities and universities of applied sciences. Nearly 20 percent of all university students in Thuringia are trained academically in this field (Bachelor/Master).

Ilmenau University of Technology Friedrich Schiller University Jena Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena University of Applied Sciences Erfurt University of Schmalkalden
Computer and Systems Engineering Informatics, Bioinformatics Technical Informatics, Communications and Media Technology Applied Informatics Informatics, Business Informatics
Media Technology Applied Informatics Industrial Engineering (Information Technology) Traffic Informatics IT Service Management
Communication and Signal Processing Computational and Data Science System Design   Applied Media Informatics
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Geoinformatics     Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Information Systems Engineering        

Additional Bachelor and Master’s degree programs in information and communications technologies are offered at the Erfurt University, the Bauhaus-University of Weimar, the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen as well as the University of Cooperative Education Gera-Eisenach.

Vocational and further training

Every year, nearly 5,000 school graduates get a solid theoretical and on-the-job training (dual education) in the ICT industry in the following professions:

Electronics technician Information technology officer
Industrial electrician IT systems electronics technician
Mechatronics technician Mathematical-technical software developer
Microtechnology technician Systems information specialist
IT specialist in application development IT systems officer

Research and Development

Thuringian universities and application-oriented research institutes provide for a world-class research and development infrastructure.

Key areas of research in the Thuringian ICT industry:

  • Digital media technology
  • Analysis, management and simulation of complex systems
  • Mobile communication
  • Technical and biomedical assistance Systems

Embedded systems development is a major field of study in Thuringia. Institutions such as the Institute for Microelectronics- and Mechatronic Systems gGmbH (IMMS) i. a. conduct advanced research in integrated circuit engineering, systems engineering, mechatronic drive systems, microsensors or microsystems.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology - IDMT develops key technologies for the age of digital media. With its software solutions, the institute is a major partner for the creative industry in Thuringia, Germany and worldwide. Fraunhofer IDMT offers an extensive portfolio of services and technologies in the field of acoustics, multimedia metadata, children‘s media, bio-inspired computing and in the area of the secure distribution of virtual goods. Further activities include the conception of individualized solutions for integrated learning and knowledge environments and research in the field of audio system Technology.

Another advantage for ICT businesses in Thuringia is the direct and lowcost access to several application centers, each equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure for developing new products and Technologies.


  • ITnet Thüringen: network of Thuringian businesses with the objective of strengthening
  • ELMUG: industrial cluster for electronic instrumentation and control
  • MNT: network for microsystems technology and nanotechnology
  • Towerbyte e.G.: a group of independent companies that aim to work together to achieve more
  • SpectroNet: competence network for visual quality control with digital color processing and spectral Imaging
  • Mobile Cluster Central Germany: representation of the interests of the mobile communications industry in business, politics and research

Selected Companies

Diva-e AGETO GmbH

AGETO is an IT-service provider for eCommerce, SAP and eSecurity, and specializes in the implementation of international B2B and B2C (Omni-Channel) business models. The company offers consulting, implementation and operation of eBusiness-solutions all along the value-added chain. With more than 100 employees at seven locations, AGETO can optimally support the digital strategy of large corporations and medium-sized companies in B2B2C-online-commerce.

KIDS interactive GmbH
versteht sich als Agentur für junge Medien, entwickelt und produziert seit 2007 am Standort Erfurt interaktive Lern- und Spielanwendungen. Die Kompetenzen reichen von komplexen Edutainment- und eLearning-Projekten für den Schulunterricht bis hin zu anspruchsvollen Kinder-Websiten für Organisatoren, Unternehmen und Produkte. Das Unternehmen wurde im Juni 2017 vom Wirtschaftsmagazin BRAND EINS und STATISTA nach einer Umfrage unter 20.000 Führungskräften als eines der Top 20 innovativsten Unternehmen Deutschlands im Bereich "Internet, Medien & Kommunikation" ausgezeichnet.

Funkwerk AG
The firm is a technology leader of innovative communications, information and security systems. Customized solutions for railway operations, automobile makers, industrial companies and institutions all over the world manage and economize operations in traffic, logistics, buildings as well as public and private facilities of every kind.

IBM Deutschland CSS GmbH
IBM is one of Europe’s leading manufacturer-independent IT service providers. Since 1996, it has offered Help-Desk-Services from Erfurt for major international customers from all over the world in up to 25 languages, 365 days a year.

Being on the market in Erfurt since 1990 IBYKUS specializes in integrated IT services. The business areas of systems, software and services offers a comprehensive product portfolio to its customers, from a single source. Its strong skills in software development make IBYKUS a reliable partner for complex and customer-specific IT Projects.

The business process provider has worked at its location in Erfurt for 20 years. The company bundles consulting services and software development into comprehensive IT-supported process solutions. The range of consulting services extends from process consulting to multi-platform-software and trusted data centers to digital Services.

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