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Automotive Supplier Relocates Headquarters from Heidelberg to Thuringia

Thuringia is an innovative investment location with great appeal. The ICSI Group, which is relocating its headquarters from Heidelberg to Ichtershausen in Thuringia, only reinforces this fact.

IHI Charging Systems International GmbH (ICSI Group) has been operating a turbocharger plant at LEG's “Erfurter Kreuz” site for ten years. In addition to the 400 or so employees to date, there will be a further 40 coming from the head office. At a press conference in Erfurt, Dr. Daniel Bader, ICSI Managing Director in Ichtershausen, gave reasons for the decision in favor of Thuringia: the proximity to OEMs and research institutes, the excellent transport infrastructure at the central motorway junction, and the good support from the Ministry for Economic Affairs and LEG. The entrepreneur also mentioned the short distances to the universities in Ilmenau  and Schmalkalden . ICSI expects further synergies from the relocation of the headquarters to the site of an efficient production facility belonging to the company group.

The ICSI Group was founded in 2001 as a joint venture between the Japanese IHI Group and Daimler AG and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation (Tokyo) since February 2013. The second production site in addition to Ichtershausen is located in the Italian city of Cernusco. The ICSI Group sells turbochargers to customers worldwide, including many of the world's leading automobile manufacturers.

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