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Development center of China-based Desay SV Automotive Group is built in Weimar

Thuringia has become a bridgehead for Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg (ATTB) and its parent, Desay SV Automotive, to expand into Europe.

ATTB will soon be operating a development center in Weimar-Legefeld where 20 to 30 highly trained experts will design solutions for smart antenna technology, electronics and software for the car of the future. ATTB plans to outfit car models with the products it develops – from smart antennas to vehicle electronics and software from Desay, its Chinese parent. ATTB used to specialize in supplying auto parts for commercial and special purpose vehicles, but the new development center marks its entry into the carmaking market. It is currently constructing the facility in close cooperation with LEG. The former factory site is thus being expanded into ATTB’s future state-of-the-art research and technology campus – a place where big-name manufacturers’ pre-production vehicles, a.k.a. “development mules”, will drive in and out. (hw)

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