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Outstanding ideas from Thuringia

07/29/2016 - QUNDIS GmbH from Erfurt and Kumatec Sondermaschinenbau & Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH from Neuhaus-Schierschnitz are the latest Thuringian companies to come up with ideas that are acknowledged as exceptional far beyond the borders of their home state - and be given awards to confirm it.

This year's TOP 100 awards showed how outstanding QUNDIS is in the field of consumption measurement. Its many innovations in wireless data transfer and textbook inclusion and integration of staff and partners earned it the title of "Innovator of the Year". The judges said QUNDIS was making a significant contribution to digitalizing the transformation of the energy system. "This creates enormous potential for growth for the company, given the upcoming regulatory changes around digitalization of processes and developments within the sector leading to open communication standards for consumption measurement."

Kumatec, which specializes in cost-effective ways of making hydrogen, was recently awarded the IQ Innovation Prize - Central Germany Metropolitan Region for its use of a new 'high-pressure electrolyzer' to make the gas even more quickly and cheaply. The new technology will be applied, among other things, to refueling fuel-cell vehicles. The high-pressure electrolyzer will already be put to use this year in a new hydrogen filling station.

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