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Strong engine for the turn-around of Thuringian energy policy


To foster the transition to sustainable energy in Thuringia and to assist companies in profiting from that, the Thuringian Renewable Energy Network (ThEEN) has been founded recently.

Presently the ThEEN establishes its offices in Erfurt. Prof. Dieter Sell - already familiar with the energy subject as director of the ThEGA - has been appointed chairman of the ThEEN. 40 entrepreneurs and scientists acted as founder members and concluded the articles of association.

The Thuringian Economics Minister Matthias Machnig highly appreciates the foundation of such a cooperation platform. He says that we need the turn-around to renewable energy policy from beyond, that means companies, initiatives, associations and so on have to participate directly in this process to make it successful. When entrepreneurs, scientists, representatives of politics and associations work together, new ideas will be generated, synergy effects and the exchange of Information will be improved.

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