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Location and infrastructure

Its central location and highly modern transportation infrastructure make Thuringia to a business location where short distances are guaranteed. The Free State forms the interface between established markets and the emerging economies of Eastern Europe. More than 280 million consumers live in a radius of 800 kilometers, in which a GDP of 8.7 trillion Euros is generated. Starting from Thuringia, a truck can deliver goods to any major German city within five hours at most.

Transportation infrastructure


Wherever you are in Thuringia, you aren’t far from the next highway access. Five Highways connect the Free State and provide for optimum connections in all four directions:

  • A4 (Paris) – Frankfurt/Main – Dresden – (Prague/Warsaw/Krakow)
  • A9 (Scandinavia) - Berlin – München – (Italy)
  • A38 (Brussels/Ruhr Area) – Göttingen – Halle/Leipzig – Dresden – (Prague)
  • A71 (Hamburg/Magdeburg) – Erfurt – Stuttgart – (Switzerland)
  • A73 (Hamburg/Magdeburg) – Erfurt – Nuremberg– (Munich/Vienna)

Rail network

Thuringia’s railway network is one of the densest in Europe with 1,509 kilometers. Since December 2017 the Erfurt Central Station is a hub for high-speed ICE connections. Every hour, four ICE trains from all four directions will arrive here.

Travel times from Erfurt to:

Frankurt am Main 2:15 h   Leipzig 0:40 h
Berlin 1:45 h   Dresden 2:00 h
Munich 2:15 h   Nuremberg 1:20 h

All areas of Thuringia are well-connected with the ICE Station Erfurt and adjoining states thanks to express trains and local lines.Thuringia is connected with rapid national and international cargo transportation thanks to the freight traffic terminal in Erfurt (GVZ Erfurt).

Air Transport

One of the most important airports in the world – the Frankfurt Main International Airport – can be reached from Erfurt in around two and a half hours. The Leipzig/Halle International Airport with Europe’s most modern air cargo hub, the DHL Hub Leipzig, is around one hour and a half from the state capital.

The Erfurt-Weimar Airport offers the most modern equipment for air cargo handling and can provide sufficient cargo halls and shipping buildings. TNT Express Germany GmbH maintains a 3,000 m2 air and road hub with its own customs clearance point at the airport.


Around 80 percent of all households in Thuringia have had bandwidths of at least 50 Mbit/s in 2017. In Thuringian cities – even in the smaller ones - the majority of households can access data transfer speeds of more than 100 Mbit/s. In mid-2016 yet a wireless internet connection via LTE was available to 96 percent of all households in Thuringia.

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