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The workforce in Thuringia: highly motivated and well-qualified

Specialists and Education

Motivated workers

The workforce in Thuringia is highly motivated and well-qualified: 61 percent are specialists, 15 percent have successfully completed university or university of applied sciences degrees and 17 percent have a certification from a specialized vocational school, a master certification in a skilled trade or a certification as a technical specialist. The very high rate of women’s participation in the workforce shows that Thuringia makes it easier than anywhere else to Combine work with family life.

Dual Vocational Training

The German system of Dual Vocational Training which enjoys an excellent reputation around the world is one of the major sources of skilled personnel in Thuringia. After leaving school, young adults are trained in a company as well as in one of the Vocational Training Colleges in Thuringia. Hands-on experience in a company and theoretical lessons at school complement each other ideally and guarantee a high training standard.

Graduates in MINT-Subjects*

Sources: IW Cologne, MINT-Spring Report 2017, TLS 2017, Erfurt

Renowned universities and universities of applied sciences

The universities and universities of applied sciences in Thuringia are supplying the next generation of academics. In no other region of Germany one will find as many university and students taking degrees in the natural sciences, engineering and business management as in Thuringia. Currently, more than 50,000 students are enrolled in universities and universities of applied sciences.

Universities in Thuringia

Universities of applied sciences in Thuringia

Universities of cooperative education in Thuringia

Universities of cooperative education combine practical professional training and academic study. Practical phases in a company alternate with theoretical phases at the university. In this way students gather hands-on professional experience during their three-year training period and obtain an academic qualification that is comparable to a degree at a university of applied sciences.

  • University of Cooperative Education Gera-Eisenach
  • iba International Professional Academy (private)
  • IUBH University of Cooperative Education Erfurt (private)

Proven school system

And we are raising the next generation of skilled specialists: The basis of all this is the successful Thuringian school system. Pupils in the Free State have long been obtaining their A-level / highschool graduation diploma on the successful completion of 12 school years. The class sizes are small, the number of instructional hours high. As a result, children and young adults in Thuringian schools score remarkably well in comparative tests of performance such as PISA or the “Monitor for Education” from the Institute for the German Economy.

International School

The Thuringia International School  - Weimar (this) is a CIS accredited school, IB World school and member of the Association of International Schools, offering pupils of any nationality a broad education which combines the best elements of the American, British and German educational systems. On completing their studies, the students are awarded the International Baccalaureate (IB), an internationally recognized diploma.

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