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State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen)

Dept. Investment, International Business and Cluster Promotion

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  • Brochure That's Thuringia

    Brochure That's Thuringia

    The brochure shows the potential and advantages of Thuringia as a dynamic region in the center of Germany and Europe. (Dokument ist nicht barrierefrei)

    Download[pdf, 17 MB]
  • Firmen in Thüringen

    Firmen in Thüringen

    Online-Datenbank mit über 4.000 Profilen Thüringer Unternehmen, Forschungseinrichtungen, Hochschulen und Institutionen. (Dokument ist nicht barrierefrei)

    Download[pdf, 400 KB]
  • Factsheet Automotive

    An attractive automotive location with many assets – that is Thuringia. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 526 KB]
  • Factsheet Optics

    Customers worldwide rely on the unique expertise of the Thuringian optics industry. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 387 KB]
  • Thuringia. Perfect for well-rested investors.

    Tourism in Thuringia in the spotlight – Investments in premium Hotels and Holiday Parks at major tourist sites. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 2 MB]
  • Factsheet Mechanical Engineering

    One of the key industries of Thuringia s̓ economy. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 1 MB]
  • Factsheet Electrical engineering and Electronics

    Thuringia has produced a host of sophisticated electrical innovations - from laser large-screen projection and MP3 compression of audio signals to groundbreaking research on improving the efficiency of high-performance LEDs. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 445 KB]
  • Factsheet Life Sciences

    Thuringia has always been at the forefront of the life sciences. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 974 KB]
  • Factsheet Plastics

    The Thuringian plastics industry is a success story with over 100 years of tradition. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 428 KB]
  • Factsheet Energy and Environmental Technologies

    In Thuringia, firms with an environmental technology focus are highly flexible and boast plenty of innovative spirit and growth momentum. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 396 KB]
  • Factsheet Food Industry

    Thuringia is a hot spot for the food industry. The Free State in the center of Germany enjoys a towering reputation for Food. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 332 KB]
  • Factsheet Information and Communications Technology

    The Thuringian information and communications technology industry is highly innovative and productive, featuring not only numerous start-ups, but also publicly traded companies. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 437 KB]
  • Factsheet Logistics

    Thuringia – Germany’s top location for logistics enterprises. (Not barrier-free file)

    Download[pdf, 476 KB]