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Research and Innovation

Top-class environment for innovation

Investors and companies will find a top-class environment for innovation in Thuringia. About 10,000 scientists are doing research at more than 40 institutes and universities in close cooperation with businesses.

The research landscape includes renowned non-university institutions such as the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Society as well as the Helmholtz and Leibniz Society. In addition, there exist a number of high-profile industry-oriented research institutions and the Thuringian universities.

Visit our “Scientific Showroom” to find the right research outlet, their areas of specialization and their offers for research partnerships with businesses. We will be pleased to make contacts with the relevant researchers for you. Thuringia is actively working to further improve the conditions for innovation in our state.

The Thuringian Innovation Strategy

The goal of the Thuringian Innovation Strategy (RIS3 Thuringia) is to promote the development of promising fields of specialization in the state. These fields include:

  • Industrial production and Systems
  • Sustainable and smart mobility and logistics
  • Healthy living and the healthcare sector
  • Sustainable energy supply and resource management
  • ICT, innovative and production-related  services as a cross-sectoral field.

The implementation of this Innovation Strategy is coordinated by the Thuringian Cluster Management, which has its offices at LEG Thüringen and promotes the development of industrial clusters in the Free State.

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      Thuringia offers about 400 fully developed and immediately available industrial and commercial sites of all sizes. Our online database gives you an overview of potential properties. In combination with our Company Database, that lists more than 4,000 approved profiles of Thuringian companies, you can also check which companies are located at your chosen site. In addition, this search function is also available for research institutions.