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Energy and Environmental Technologies Leading technologies from Thuringia.

Industry Profile Environmental Technologies

Thuringian companies are among the world‘s leading providers of state-of-the-art power and environmental technologies: from conventional environmental protection and renewable en-ergies to up-to-date technologies allowing an increase in energy efficiency.


Quality made in Thuringia is in big demand, especially in waste processing, water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, revitalization and renewable energies. By working closely with research institutions in these fields, Thuringia‘s companies can fully exploit their potential for growth.

Facts & Figures

  • 366 companies
  • 5 research institutions
  • 7 universities
  • leading engineering service providers in disciplines such as industrial plant construction, hydrogeology, environmental geology and utilities
  • market and technology leaders such as ENERCON, Siemens, and Vattenfall

Key products and technologies

Sources: In-house calculations according to LEG-UTD, July 2013, N = 366 companies, multiple choices possible


University education

Thuringia’s universities offer countless interdisciplinary degree programs that effectively pre-pare students for the fast-moving energy and environmental technology market. Degree pro-grams include, e.g.:

Vocational and further training

Thuringia’s vocational training programs give energy and environmental technology special-ists the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Private and public schools provide a wide range of industry-related programs. They cover everything from basic fundamentals to the latest technological advances. There are also many continuing education programs such as the CCI certification as an Energy Manager.

Selected vocational training programs:

  • Environmental protection assistant
  • Sewage engineering technician
  • Water supply engineering technician
  • Water management specialist
  • Recycling and waste management technician
  • Biological, physical, and chemical laboratory technician

Research and Development

Not only does Thuringia have an outstanding research infrastructure, but it places a premium on building strong relationships between business and science.

Selected research institutes

Thuringian Energy- and GreenTech-Agency (ThEGA)

Thuringia is the first German state to create a central institution – the Thuringian Energy and GreenTech Agency (ThEGA) – that efficiently supports ecological modernization by harmo-nizing business, energy and resource policies. ThEGA is the central competence, consulting and information center for these activities. It helps companies take the steps required to be-come energy-efficient organizations at the pre-competitive stage.

Fraunhofer innovation cluster "Green Photonics"

This cluster organization located in Jena pools the resources of the federal government, state government, industry and science to open up new opportunities in optical technologies. It focuses on generating sustainable growth and making Thuringia an even more attractive place for green tech companies to do Business.

Selected companies


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