Linn High Therm GmbH
Werk II Bad Frankenhausen

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    Lange Str. 24
    D-06567 Bad Frankenhausen
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- production of standard and customised resistor-heated furnace systems (laboratory, batch, and conveyor furnaces); special-purpose plant construction (microwave drying systems, induction melting cast systems)

R&D focus:

- resistance-heated furnace systems; microwave heating; inductive heating

Further information:

- The tradition-rich furnace building enterprise of the former GDR the production of which was continued in 1990 with the purchase of Linn High Therm, Eschenfelden, supplies systems for research & delevopment, educational facilities, the metal processing, automotive, ceramics, foundry industry and many others branchs. - Seat of the company: Heinrich-Hertz-Platz 1, 92275 Eschenfelden.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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State Development Corporation of Thuringia
(LEG Thüringen)

Dept. Investment, International Business and Cluster Promotion

Mainzerhofstraße 12
99084 Erfurt
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