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Innovative holography from Zeiss revolutionizes the world we live in

Holograms are fascinating. They convey free-floating images or three-dimensional representations. The ZEISS Group, based in Thuringia, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of holography technology. At the beginning of the year, the company successfully presented its highly innovative “Multifunctional Smart Glass” technology at the world’s largest electronics trade fair, the CES in Las Vegas.

At the heart of the ZEISS application is a thin, transparent layer to which ultra-high-precision optics are attached in the smallest of spaces. This enables holographic technology to be used in applications previously limited by installation space, weight and cost. In addition, thanks to new ZEISS replication technology, a master hologram can now be automatically duplicated in large quantities, making hologram production possible on an industrial scale for the first time ever.

Future applications include car windshields that display information so drivers can see it without taking their eyes off the road. Holographic applications on side and rear windows also support the car’s digital communication with other vehicles, an important step toward autonomous driving. In a smart home, ZEISS technology can enable completely new forms of home lighting through integrated holographic elements in window panes. The CES in Las Vegas proved it: The new ZEISS technology revolutionizes the world we live in! (hw)

Holographic augmented reality head-up display

Holographic augmented reality head-up displays based on the “Multifunctional Smart Glass” technology by ZEISS projects information on the windshield, so drivers don’t need to take their eyes off the road. Photo: ZEISS