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Packaging specialist Papacks expands in Arnstadt

Packaging specialist Papacks Sales GmbH is setting a breathtaking pace in Arnstadt, Thuringia: In 2020, the company put its first gigafactory into operation at the site; at the end of June, it ceremoniously opened its second building – and Managing Directors Tahsin Dag and Werner Sempell are already hard at work planning the third gigafactory, which will feature a research institute. Thuringia is proving to be an ideal location for Papacks to expand dynamically, and the investor’s innovative, sustainable products are poised for success: biodegradable, plastic-free packaging. The company invested around 14 million euros in the second gigafactory and plans to start up the world’s first fiber cast bottle production machine at the site. “Papacks is synonymous with ultra-innovative manufacturing technology and forward-looking products,” said Andreas Krey, Managing Director of LEG, which has supported the company in Thuringia from the start. “Thuringia’s investment and technology landscape has been clearly enriched by the company’s remarkable commitment.” (hw)

Tahsin Dag, Managing Director of Papacks Sales GmbH.

Tahsin Dag, Managing Director of Papacks Sales GmbH. Photo: Papacks