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Partnership for green hydrogen demonstrates innovative technology potential in Thuringia

Technology from the Erfurter Kreuz industrial district will make an important contribution to the energy revolution of the future: Thuringia’s Fraunhofer IKTS (Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems) and Dortmund-based ThyssenKrupp Nucera, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-efficiency electrolysis plants, have entered into a partnership in the field of electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen. The partners are building a pilot plant that will produce high-temperature electrolysis stacks using SOE cells, a technology in which IKTS specializes.

SOEC (solid oxide electrolyzer cell) technology enables higher-efficiency conversion of electricity into hydrogen and has the major advantage that CO2 can be actively extracted from the environment and converted, together with green hydrogen, into green syngas and downstream products such as e-fuels. The process also offers long-term stability, robustness and low-cost mass production. As the energy-efficient technology significantly reduces electricity consumption during electrolysis, it could be particularly beneficial to industries that generate large amounts of waste heat. 

These activities are based at the Battery Innovation and Technology Center (BITC), which is making significant contributions to battery technology for e-mobility in addition to developments in hydrogen production. “The strategic partnership between IKTS and thyssenkrupp nucera is further proof that Thuringia has outstanding expertise in future technologies, particularly with regard to climate neutrality and the energy transition,” said LEG Managing Director Andreas Krey. “Thuringia supports the development of this potential, one example being the establishment of the BITC three years ago in LEG’s Erfurter Kreuz industrial district”. (hw)

high-temperature electrolysis stacks technology

The high-temperature electrolysis stacks technology developed by Fraunhofer IKTS is about to reach industrial production and application together with thyssenkrupp nucera. Photo: © Fraunhofer IKTS