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Strong funding for research into sustainability and innovative mobility

The state is providing a total of EUR 6.4 million to the Thuringian Innovation Center for Recyclable Materials (ThIWert), which is affiliated with the University of Applied Sciences in Nordhausen. Established in 2018, ThIWert develops new strategies for the use of secondary raw materials and conducts research in areas such as sustainable construction, geotechnics and bioresource management. New research equipment will enable ThIWert to step up its activities and act as a test balloon for materials processing with a supra-regional impact. Its medium-term goal is the integration of circular economy principles into day-to-day business operations. The funding underscores Thuringia’s active role in the transition to a more sustainable economy. Bauhaus University Weimar (BUW) and the Institute for Applied Building Research (IAB) in Weimar are also involved in the project. The partners’ common goal is to “optimally prepare the next generation of experts in the circular economy and sustainable development,” said Prof. Robert Wudtke, head of ThIWert.

“Digital Mobility Research Initiative”: Thüringer Innovationszentrum Mobilität (ThIMo) will be receiving a state grant of EUR 6.4 million. Established back in 2011 at TU Ilmenau, ThIMo helps to translate basic research into solutions for industry. Its expertise ranges from drive technology and plastics technology to power electronics, even including projects that involve electric and connected mobility. This latest injection of funds, provided under the “Digital Mobility Research Initiative”, is specifically intended to incorporate digital methods into ThIMo’s operations. ThIMo works with a wide range of stakeholders and – together with the Thuringian Centers for Mechanical Engineering and for Learning Systems and Robotics, the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research and the Bauhaus University Weimar – is driving the “Digital Mobility Research Initiative”. This is a prime example of how research and development in Thuringia is harnessing the potential of digital methods for more environmentally friendly transportation. (jp)

Test bench at the Thuringian Innovation Center Mobility (ThIMo)

Test bench at the Thuringian Innovation Center Mobility (ThIMo). Photo: TU Ilmenau