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Summertime hiking

With its plethora of hills, meandering waterways and long valleys, Thuringia is perfect for hiking. The thirteenth

summer hiking program invites visitors to discover the delights of the region’s natural Beauty.

Thuringia has 23 certified hiking trails that take people through a wide variety of landscapes and terrain, from Suhl’s Domberg mountain, the Zeulenroda reservoir and the Schwarzatal valley all the way to the Inselsberg or the Rennsteig, a ridge walk through the forest along a historic boundary path. Local hiking enthusiasts will lead themed tours through each region to give participants an exclusive peek at natural highlights often missed by those without the benefit of a guided tour.

The sunrise hike and picnic in Ilmenau is aimed at nature lovers, and there is a ‘hike and paint’ tour for the artistically inclined. And of course visitors are always welcome to get to know Thuringia on foot according to their own timetable. (kö)

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