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Thuringian invention revolutionizes fingerprinting

Fingerprints can be captured with greater speed and security thanks to an invention from IDloop GmbH, a Jena-based biometrics start-up: The company has developed the world’s first ever 3D scanner that records fingerprints at a microscopic resolution without ever touching the subject’s skin. The EU is providing ten million euros in funding to support the system’s development to market maturity as part of its “EIC Accelerator” program. IDloop also received the Thuringian Innovation Award.

Conventional fingerprinting methods require skin contact, which takes time and leaves equipment dirty and contaminated with germs. The contactless IDloop scanner swiftly captures the individual characteristics of fingerprints in unprecedented detail. Its speed has many benefits, including much faster processing at passenger checkpoints in international travel. The process is highly accurate and so its images are always compatible with existing fingerprint databases – unlike many previous methods. IDloop’s innovation sets a new standard in the global market and is a prime example of Thuringia’s strength as a technology powerhouse. (hw)

Digital 3D-finger print capture.

Digital 3D-finger print capture. Picture: dem10 /