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Top-performing companies – Thuringia selects its “hidden champions”

Thuringia plays in the big leagues worldwide – through medium-sized companies that have achieved market or technology leadership through innovative products and services and leading technologies. As a first step, LEG identified almost 90 top-performing companies that are pushing the envelope in their markets. Thuringia is leveraging these assets in a fresh marketing campaign dubbed “Hidden Champions – Thuringian world market & technology leaders,” which LEG has recently launched. The kick-off event, the “1st Thuringian ChampionsMEET,” took place in Erfurt on March 3, 2023.

“Thuringia is distinguished by its wide diversity of high-performing mid-market enterprises,” said Economics Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, who opened the event. “Our new image campaign showcases our concentrated innovative strength and the market power of Thuringia’s economy in a way that no one can overlook.” – “We want to show the expertise and capabilities that Thuringia has to offer,” LEG Managing Director Andreas Krey added. “The campaign is a location marketing initiative but also aims to give other Thuringian companies ideas for becoming global market and technology leaders in their own fields.”

The kick-off event brought Thuringian hidden champions together with politicians, business players and young talent and presented best practices to illustrate how to rise to the top. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Hermann Simon, a proven business expert, best-selling author and the intellectual father and inventor of the “Hidden Champions Initiative.” Dr. Arnulf Wulff, Senior Vice President and Department Manager at LEG Thüringen, presented the research results and campaign objectives; the “Invest in Thuringia” department team executed the campaign. As a special distinction, the event officially recognized Thuringia’s current global market and technology leaders. They may be joined by additional companies in the coming months and years; applications can be submitted at any time.


“Hidden Champions –– Thuringia’s world market & technology leaders” is the new campaign that launched in March 2023. LEG’s job as the state’s economic development agency is to promote Thuringia as an investment location, attract investors to the state and actively support current companies with their business activities. The new campaign supports all these goals, showcasing Thuringia’s assets to the outside world while generating internal momentum for more Thuringian success stories. Through its work, LEG is intimately familiar with the companies in Thuringia and so identified the first 90 hidden champions based on solid data.  In the future, LEG will present these companies along with their products and services to a wide audience on social media and the new website The campaign shows that Thuringia is an attractive location where investments pay off! (hw)

Good spirit at the 1st Thuringian ChampionsMeet after the award ceremony of the certificates. Photo: LEG Thüringen, Andreas Hultsch

Good spirit at the 1st Thuringian ChampionsMeet after the award ceremony of the certificates. Photo: LEG Thüringen, Andreas Hultsch