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World-class hotel shows that Thuringia is also a tourism hot spot

It was a successful end for a huge project: Familux resort “The Grand Green Oberhof”, a hotel that plays in a league of its own, opened its doors in the last quarter of 2022. Its 110 suites, up to 15 luxury chalets and attractive athletic, wellness and children’s areas provide plenty of space for families with children to unwind and have fun in the future. The luxury hotel was launched by the Mayers, an Austrian hotelier family. It is located in Oberhof, the world-renowned winter resort in southern Thuringia that will be hosting the Luge and Biathlon World Championships in the weeks to come.

The new hotel – which is only open to families with children – is high class in every way: excellent amenities, upscale dining and a wide range of facilities so that young and old vacationers can have a fun, exciting stay any time of the year – including an in-house movie theater, an indoor go-kart track, a soft playground, a virtual reality room, a bathing and sauna area (with an outdoor pool) and a ski practice and bunny ski slope. The hotel did not get its name “The Grand Green” by accident: The hotel’s fittings and furnishings use natural materials, and the adventure and entertainment program includes many activities that revolve around nature and the environment. That makes perfect sense since Oberhof is nestled in one of Germany’s most beautiful natural settings: the Thuringian Forest. “The new hotel has raised the bar for cutting-edge vacationing – the investors’ decision to set up business here shows that Thuringia is a tourism hot spot,” said LEG Managing Director Andreas Krey. LEG aided and assisted the Mayer Group every step of the way, right up to the execution of the project. The project attracted around EUR 65 million in investment, included a grant from the State of Thuringia amounting to around 20 percent in funding. Guests are currently being served by 140 employees; the recruitment process went smoothly since many Thuringians have returned to their home state. (hw)

The new Familux Resort „The Grand Green“ in Oberhof/Thuringian Forest

The new Familux Resort „The Grand Green“ in Oberhof/Thuringian Forest offers dream vacations for families. Picture: The Grand Green