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State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen)

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News Current news from Thuringia

Sino-German cooperation continues.

Thuringia has long been one of the most innovative locations for battery technology in Europe. As the world moves towards optimized e-mobility, Thuringia is laying the foundation for the storage solutions of the future.

Company premises of IBU-tec in Ehringsdorf near Weimar.

A Thuringian company is making an important contribution to the car battery of the future: Weimar-based IBU-tec Advanced Materials has rolled out a new type of cathode material for sodium-ion batteries. According to the company, it is the…

The winners of the Thuringian Innovation Award 2023.

The renowned Thuringia Innovation Prize was awarded for the 26th time in Weimar: It honors exceptional forward-looking developments and entrepreneurial achievements in Thuringia. The winners’ skills and capabilities reflected some of the…

A field of crocus flowers containing the valuable saffron threads.

Red gold attracts tourists to Thuringia

It strengthens the heart and circulation, gives cosmetics their color, adds just the right seasoning in the kitchen – and is becoming a tourist magnet for Thuringia and Central Germany. It’s saffron, a versatile all-rounder extracted from…

North façade of the Old Synagogue in Erfurt‘s old town.

The ballroom of Erfurt’s town hall erupted in thunderous cheering one Sunday afternoon in mid-September when the UNESCO decision was announced in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 5,000 kilometers away: The Jewish medieval heritage in the Thuringian…

Visit to the People's Committee of Phú Thọ Province.

Thuringia and Vietnam broaden their relationship

A large number of contacts, the signing of ten collaboration agreements and contracts, and a broader collaboration in business, science and skills management – this is the successful outcome of a seven-day trip taken by a Thuringian…

The new building of Funkwerk AG in Kölleda.

Thuringia is not only an attractive location to set up a company or relocate to, but also a good breeding ground for entrepreneurial growth and expansion. There is plenty of evidence to back this up. Only recently, two companies in northern…

Dr. Arnulf Wulff (left) and the new head of department Herbert Stütz (right).

For close to three decades, Dr. Arnulf Wulff has successfully headed LEG’s department for business development in Thuringia. His portfolio has grown as the years went by. In addition to providing relocation and expansion services to…

The advertising poster whets the appetite for the upcoming Chagall exhibition.

“The art gallery is always worth a trip to Apolda” – that is the closing sentence on the website of the Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde art gallery. Indeed, thousands of visitors come to this central Thuringian town every year to experience…